Blu-ray and DVD Combi Deck

The SR-HD1700EU combo deck allows users to create standard Blu-Ray™ high-definition discs or standard DVDs directly from a live video input or from video files stored on its hard disk drive. Live input is provided through the unit's A/V connectors (SD) or the IEEE-1394 interface (SD/HD) and can be recorded directly to Blu-ray or DVD, or to the internal 500GB hard disk drive for later authoring and burning. JVC cameras providing USB 2.0 or SDHC/SDXC*² memory files up to 35Mbps may also be used as input sources. And with its LAN connector, the SR-HD1700EU is able to receive files from popular non-linear editing systems (via FTP) and burn them to disc.

Brand Name: JVC

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